We went to Budapest for a World Dog Show. We took just one dog that time: yellow Tsiri.

Instagrams are mine and Olgavladimirovna’s.

Tsiri was with us everywhere as usual.

She even shared tables with us on breakfasts and lunches.

We stayed near the Keleti railway station. It’s very beautiful, but it was on renovation at the time. Budapest has another railway terminal — Nyugati, though we didn’t visit it.

The first two shows took place near Budapest, in Gödöllő, which we wanted to reach by train. The first day we sat in a train but it didn’t run at scheduled time neither did it ten minutes later. Finally, we realized that the head of the train had ran but the tail with us had remained on the station.

The way back was even more queer: there were six of us with four dogs in a little car.

Visited Nadia, Sergey and Ira from Nizhny Novgorod (their car we were trying to stretch), who rent a flat on the other side of the Danube river.

Next day all of us went to a dog-friendly café near our hotel. (Tsiri is lying somewhere under the table.)

Went to a park on the Margaret Island with Karina and Hiba — a six-month saluki puppy.

Karina and Hiba
Running Tsiri
Hiba in the park
Tsiri the Saluki
Tsiri and Hiba in Budapest

Walked through evening Budapest.

And during daytime.

I hadn’t much time to photograph the city, so I made only these three photographs.

The Parliament in Budapest
Budapest in twilight
Budapest in twilight

After the third show Tsiri goggled at us and said that she wouldn’t go anywhere.

But we went for another walk.

Drunk coffee and ate delicious food.

And walked a little more.