We went to Salzburg for a World Dog Show. It was our first trip with Tsiri.

Instagrams are mine and Olgavladimirovna’s.

In the hotel we found a table with dog treats and poo bags, and a bowl of water.

What happened the following days became a tradition on all our future vacations.

We went sightseeing. Tsiri went with us.

Olga and Tsiri
Olga and Tsiri

We went for lunch or coffee. Tsiri went with us.

We went to see a castle or to a shop. Tsiri went with us.

Salzburg is very beautiful: a river, a castle on a hill, and mountains nearby.

Old Town Salzburg
Mountains near Salzburg
Three cyclists and a little house

One of the shows was at a park near the Anif Palace not far from Salzburg (the middle photo below). Unfortunately, the castle was behind a wall and we saw only its roof.

Mirabell Gardens is a nice place to walk and to take some dog portraits.

Olga and Tsiri in Mirabell Gardens
Tsiri in Salzburg
Tsiri in Salzburg
Olga and Tsiri in Mirabell Gardens

There, like in any civilized country, lots of bikes and scooters.

Turquoise Vespa
Red Vespa

Many dogs went to the show and filled the city streets.

English Springer Spaniels
Roasted fish tradesman

Flight back home.