We went to Tallinn with both our dogs. Before we have traveled with just one. First we had no second dog, then we were afraid that we couldn’t manage them both. But it turned out that the teapot like dachshund didn’t add much difficulty and every possible problem was concentrated in the saluki who thinks that if she’s on vacation she needs to go sightseeing. So Dessi was sleeping in a hotel room and Tsiri was walking with us around the city, drank water in cafés and slept on our laps.

Instagrams are mine and Olgavladimirovna’s.

Preparing for the trip. Dessi, as always, was afraid that we’d forgot her at home, so she took a strategic position: on ironed t-shirts.

Waiting for the taxi.

The saluki after a long flight, the dachshund was fine as usual.

Local friends took us to a waterfall and showed us a piece of the sea.

Dessi at a waterfall.

Dessi on the waterfall near Tallin
Dessi in a grass

Freezing and getting wet at the show.

Walking around the city.


Old town from the viewpoint is very beautiful. We even caught some morning fog, though it was nine.

Tallinn postcard
Morning Tallinn

Eating and drinking coffee. Tsiri was always with us.

The city is gorgeous.

Street in Tallinn Old City
Street in Tallinn Old City
Talking young people
Courtyard Tallinn Old Town
Woman by the shop
Girl with the map
Tallinn Old City
Selfportrait in a mirror
Woman with an umbrella


But coffee was terrible almost everywhere.

A dog run with a view on the castle near our hotel.

By bus you can reach a dog beach. We went there three times.

Tsiri fell in love with the beach from the first sniff. She was running like crazy and was jumping in the water to catch a ball.

Tsiri playing by the sea
Tsiri on the beach in Tallinn
Tsiri playing by the sea
Tsiri on the beach in Tallinn
Tsiri on the beach in Tallinn
Tsiri on the beach in Tallinn
Saluki on a vacation
Dogs jumping for food

But the dachshund was suspicious about the sea and was walking grumpily along the shore.

Dessi by the Baltic Sea
Dessi by the Baltic Sea

We met a whippet on the beach.

Whippet on a beach
Whippet on the beach

And Dessi’s sister Delia who lives in Tallinn with a bunch of other dachshunds.

Dessi and her sister Delia
Dogs jumping for food

A stoned seagull that we met at the sea shore.

Seems she was glued to the parapet. We photographed her for ten minutes but she didn’t leave, she just bulged her eyes even more.

And a couple more photos.

Tallinn Old City
My girls on the waterfall near Tallinn