Tallinn 2013

This trip is not so different from the last year’s, except we didn’t go to any dog shows.

Instagrams are mine and Olgavladimirovna’s.

Traditional preparations: I prepare photo equipment; Tsiri the saluki helps me; Olgavladimirovna’s out of the frame; Dessi the dachshund controls the bag, so we’d not forget her, dachshund. On the last picture: we’ve just checked in at the hotel.

Tallinn is just as gorgeous as last year.

Reval Cafe
Two bikes

Tsiri’s following us everywhere again.

We went to our favorite dog beach.

Saluki in the Sea
Tsiri catching the ball
Olga and Tsiri in Tallinn
Olga and Tsiri in Tallinn
Tsiri is playing on a beach
Tsiri is playing on a beach
Olga and Tsiri in Tallinn
Tsiri says hello to Maddie
Olga on a sea shore
Tsiri is playing on a beach
Tsiri is playing on a beach
Olga and Tsiri in Tallinn

A couple of other salukis, Ilya and Claire, joined us.

Tsiri in Tallinn
Tsiri the saluki
Tsirir the saluki at sunset

We went to the local canine organization on a new shiny train to take our dog’s Estonian Junior Champion diplomas. Unlike its Russian cousin’s hopeless rudeness, lines and decay, here everything’s clean, no lines and friendly people. We also found a tiny black-and-white photography exhibition at the station.

Olgavladimirovna’s shooting dogs and a crowd of tourists using to point-and-shoots at the same time.

Tsiri got water in a huge bowl at the Olde Hansa. Tsiri’s thinking eat or not to eat a bucket that she’s got for her birthday. Tsiri’s choosing a dog food in a pet-shop.

Crazy mixture of modern and medieval architecture in the Rotermann Quarter.


Walking around the Old Town.

Walking through a park on a way from the hotel to the Old Town. We choose the same hotel as a year ago: with great breakfast. There were hedgehogs in the park. Tsiri went a little crazy when she saw them. They appeared to not like her very much though. Shooting Tsiri.

Olga and Tsiri in Tallinn

Dessi anxiously waiting for her turn.


Her turn, finally!


Dessi in the port. They also have a seaplane museum in hangars that were built at the beginning of the 20th century. But we didn’t go there with the dogs, just made a family portrait near a cannon.

We also were trying to teach the dachshund how to swim but she just jumped continuously avoiding any contact with water.

I’m trying to separate family walks and photo shooting. So I take my real camera only when I walk alone. At other times I just shoot with my iPhone.

Rainy selfportrait
Selfportrait in Tallinn

The city changes after sunset: tourists go home, and street musicians take their place. I was walking around the Old Town with a camera and a tripod, listening to the music and quiet talks in different languages. The weather was warm and pleasant.

Seagull in Tallinn Old Town
Sunset Catchers
Tallinn Old Town at night
Church of the Holy Ghost at night
Tallinn at twilight
Souvenir shop in Tallinn
Tallinn Town Hall

A cafe near train terminal that we wanted to go to on our last trip. Didn’t make it this time either. Its yellow walls were lit by the sunset every time we return to our hotel in the evening. Dogs are sleeping like the dead: Tsiri after a long walk around the city, Dessi after a whole day of sleep in the hotel room — both are exhausted. The last picture: I’m already at home, editing photos.

And a couple more photos.

Selfportrait in the Rotermann Quarter

The end.

Dog walk on a beach