About me

I’ve been making photos since 2004. I can describe myself as an award-losing photographer a passionate amateur. I work as a developer and go out with a camera in my free time.

I love to shoot nature, cities, food, and sometimes people or animals. I equally enjoy making quick snaps with my iPhone, and waiting for minute-long exposures with a big camera on a tripod. I love dawn and mornings, and always have my reusable coffee mug or a thermos full of fresh coffee with me. I prefer quiet colors and subtle editing. However, I don’t try to portray the world as it is, I’m more interested in representing the world as I see and feel it — full of beauty, magic, and unicorns.

Photo editing in VSCO Cam on iPhoneArtem Sapegin’s workplace

About the site: works on Gatsby, and Tâmia; hosted on Netlify.